Don't Trump America

by syqnys

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This is a song that details some of the many reasons why Donald Trump should not be our president.


So what's the deal with this goofy election? These are the two people they want you to select from? But if you think they're the same, you're stupid I'm bettin' I have an online university that you should investing. From his Putin connections to his intentions to say screw the conventions and use our nuclear weapons, I'm thinking what the Trump, who would have guessed in this day and age we would have had somebody truely this threatening? This dude turned getting attentions into a profession. Let me ask you this one question is this who you want selecting our next Supreme Court Justice? Doofus is heading to the white house with his huge toupee collection. Yeah! And millions of Americans are feeling the villain. He said that he could shoot somebody and he would still win. Which is probably true, cause' these people are still in, even after he said he'd kill women and children. I'll repeat that, he said he'd kill women and children. Target these terrorists' families and kill them. No collateral damage the target is civilians, what the Trump is going on, is this really real man? This race shouldn't even be kind of close, he thinks global warming is a Chinese hoax. He's the head of the cancer inside the host that keeps rising like bread, goodbye we're toast. And forget Hillary this guy lies the most. Word to politifact, this guy should roast. Word to Affleck, yo, I find it gross that this guy can even get any kind of votes. So say you'll make America great again. And say you have a good brain and then call 9/11 7/11 mess up the date again, this is where America's heading dang it ain't it grim. Tell us bout' your words, how you have the best words, and if you your daughter wasn't yours how you'd molest her, yeah, for being so politically incorrect your quick to hit the sensor on the press when you feel the pressure. Dose of your meds sir? Call these immigrants rapists, criminals and drug dealers it's so contagious. It spreads like wild fire, yeah, isn't it great? Donald Trump giving voice to our bigots and racists. Making all economists panic and sweat when he says he want's to default on our national debt. How fanatical can this damn radical get? Donald Trump a true domestic, international threat, yeah.


released September 30, 2016
Music produced by J. Luke (Syq). Lyrics written by Syq. Mixed and Mastered by Syq.



all rights reserved


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syqnys Salt Lake City, Utah

Syqnys is an independent emcee from Salt Lake City. He has released 6 studio albums. Syqnys' musical themes include Atheism, Politics, Social mores, contemporary pop culture, Gay Rights, Abortion, Racism, Sexism as well as many others. Syqnys' music contains explicit language and shouldn't be listened to by anyone under the age of 25 ... more

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